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Practice Math Assessments
The Michigan Mathematics Leadership Academy is a partnership between Michigan's regional Mathematics and Science Centers, Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Michigan Department of Education.

Given the importance of the new 3rd-8th grade MEAP assessments, MMLA compiled MEAP-like assessment items aligned to the Grade Level Content Expectations. Listed below are items your child may see on the MEAP test each year. If you would like some practice work for your child, click on the link below and download the files. (Dont worry.....answers are provided at the end of the documents.)

Click on your child's current grade level to see materials they are being introduced to at some point during the school year. Click on the next (or previous) year's grade level if your child needs to be challenged (or needs some review).

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Math Facts Memorization Made Fun!
In order to complete our rigorous Everyday Math curriculum and teach all of the grade level content expectations during the school year, there is not much class time devoted to memorizing math facts. Learning and practicing facts at home will REALLY help your child. Memorizing math facts is one of those things that just takes time but will make class work and completing assignments much more successful for your child. Please take time to visit some of the web sites listed below or make flashcards with your child to practice throughout the summer.
Based on math show on PBS.
Worksheets Games Great Site
Math Magician Great Drill Site
Two Page of Multiplication Practice Games
You choose the math facts and speed of practice. Super practice site.
Math Baseball
Mini-lessons and Practice Games
Timed Practice
Math is Fun! Practice times tables 2 through 15.