August 16, 2017 
  1. District Technology Plan
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Technology Staff

Gina Matley
Technology Director
Office: 734-439-5005
Twitter: @milantechdir
My Facebook Page:
Milan Area Schools Facebook:

Mike Courington
Network Administrator

Ron Gorbutt

Matt Bell
IT Specialist
Belief Statement
Milan Area Schools has a desire to provide its students with the technological tools necessary to ensure them the ability to obtain their place in a world that is becoming increasingly technologically based.

The classrooms in our district reflect the changing face of information exchange in our country and the world. Therefore, the exchange of information in our classrooms include as many modes as are achievable given the resources available in the district.

Instruction is delivered in a manner utilizing current technology wherever and whenever possible. Student achievement is carefully monitored and the expectation of success for students utilizing technology is the norm.

The support and involvement of the community is recognized as a vital link to student success and will be encouraged as often as possible. The future of our learners in Milan will be characterized by their successful transition into their roles as responsible members of their communities.

Our students will leave our schools to live and work in the 21st century. We are striving to prepare them for a world workplace with growing technology. The workplace of today and tomorrow will demand people who can make routine use of all of the higher order thinking skills. Jobs, and life in general, will require people to collaborate effectively, understand complex terminology, communicate clearly, and make sense out of massive amounts of ever-changing information.